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Early Learning Programs Are Critical To Success

The PRE-Kindergarten curriculum at Imagination Island is designed to encourage four-year-olds to be imaginative, energetic, inquiry-based learners who explore the classroom environment with curiosity and purpose. PRE-Kindergarten students are eager to learn, and school activities are designed to involve and engage these young students with interesting lessons and materials. Experienced teachers plan thematic units in math, literacy, science, social studies, art, music, and movement to thoroughly prepare children for a smooth transition to kindergarten with a rich, robust learning foundation.

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Students make independent choices in a child-centered learning environment, following well-established structures and routines to guide them. Opportunities for hands-on learning are presented daily, allowing students to grow through play and real-world experiences. Daily activities are scheduled in whole group and small groups to promote socialization and community building. Students engage in conversations with teachers and friends daily, learning to take turns, listen, and share.

Print-rich classrooms enable students to be immersed in literacy acquisition, developing letter and word recognition. Throughout the day, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development are nurtured in a warm, caring, safe environment, providing students with the early skills to become learners throughout their lifetime.

Each PRE-Kindergarten classroom is equipped with a computer, and is integrated into weekly learning themes. Children are encouraged to learn computer techniques by using the computers regularly through supervised sessions with interactive, educational games.

There are objects to sort and sequence, beads to add and subtract, and letters to touch and trace. Good manners and social interactions are part of each activity as the children create their own mini-society that belongs to them.


Children who did not attend a VPK program during the 2017-18 school year are eligible for the summer program. Your child must have turned 4 by September 1, 2017. Children who did not attend VPK or who attended private NON-VPK pre-k programs are eligible. Completely Free Summer VPK with eligibility certificate. Please call for more information 904-264-5565

VPK for 2018-19 is currently full.

At this time, we do not have any availability for the upcoming school year. If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please call the school at 904-264-5565 and leave your name and phone number. Each year we have always been able to call families from our waiting list and enroll their students. We typically have changes that occur prior to school beginning. Thank you for your interest in Imagination Island and our VPK program.

Thank you so much for your interest in Imagination Island's VPK program.